General questions to help you get started

Which network(s) does Seamless Protocol support?

Seamless Protocol is deployed on Base network. Base shares the vision of bringing the masses onchain with a better user experience and cheaper fees.

Which assets are available in Seamless Protocol markets?

There will be a growing list of assets available, but the initial markets are for USDbC (USDC bridged to Base), ETH, and cbETH.

What are OG Points?

OG Points are non-transferrable, onchain tokens that represent the participations and contributions of early users. They can be earned by using the product, like borrowing liquidity or staking into the farms. Although OG Points certainly represent a user's OG-ness, these utility points may be used for more than just for reputation. In the future, OG Points may be used to issue limited edition NFTs and free trials, so stay tuned for exciting updates to come!

How do I get started?

Check out the Step-by-Step Guides if you're looking to get started. You can also join the Discord to ask the community.

[temporarily inactive] What is the Farm section of the app?

The "staking farm" is a way for protocol and ecosystem supporters to earn OG Points. Users of Seamless Protocol—for instance, Liquidity Suppliers of USDC—can add their LP (liquidity provider) tokens to the Farms in order to receive OG Points over time. Note: You'll first have to wrap your LP tokens using the "Wrapper" button before being able to add them into the Farm.
The economic incentive system rewards the loyal users and contributors—those who continue to use the protocol and provide key contributions—with more governing power over the direction and evolution of Seamless Protocol.