Governance Overview

Learn more about Seamless Protocol Governance
Seamless Protocol is a decentralized, community-governed protocol that aims to lay the foundation for modern DeFi. The protocol is maintained, upgraded and governed by the community through both offchain and onchain governance processes. Seamless Protocol's native governance token, SEAM on Base network, determines both voting power and governance rights. Once delegated, these tokens can be used to vote on existing proposals and to create new proposals about Seamless.
The Seamless Governance Hub is the primary platform for governance discussions and proposals. All users are welcome to register, and engage in public discussions. Additionally, the Seamless Community Discord is a great place for community members to exchange ideas and stay up to date on updates and ongoing proposals.
Assuming a proposal passes the required thresholds at each step, the full, typical governance process involves: (i) community-driven conversations across the Governance Hub, Discord and public channels to solidify ideas and suggestions; (ii) an offchain proposal and signaling vote; (iii) an onchain governance proposal and vote that is ultimately executed via Governor smart contract logic.
Offchain signaling votes are executed via the Snapshot Labs portal. Onchain governance proposals are voted on directly on Seamless Protocol’s Governance Tab.
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